Bitch, Get Out My Way With Your Negativity!

If you’re going to be negative, get out my way! 

This comes off someone who was telling me to prepare for the end of the world because it’s going to get worse with the economy due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Oh, by the way, he doesn’t have a financial background but said he’s been watching CNN. 

This guy told me, “Brace yourself for the Great Depression of the modern era throughout next year and beyond” 

He added, “Low to zero revenue will trigger other enterprises to experience low revenues…limited sales staff/resources.”

I replied by saying “Thanks captain negative” and left the conversation.

You want to talk Brain Talk well, being positive is the only way we’ll get through this disaster and if jack holes like this guy try to step me unwarranted, I’ll say bitch, get out my way! 

I understand things are going to get difficult as we get closer to a recession but we’ll overcome it. Just like we overcame every other recession before us. People will come together and this will all be a memory. Plus I think when the shit hits the fan it brings opportunities to get creative and try new things!

So, the next time someone steps you with negativity, just say bitch, get out my way! 

I know this isn’t directly on brand with Brain Talk but I want to remind the brain injury survivors the following!  

Let’s Stop the Gossip!

I’m sitting on my orange couch trying to think of something to write for Brain Talk however my creativity is at a halt. The truth is I’m tired and so is my mind. Oh well, I might as well give it a try. Like Wayne Gretzky said, you miss every shot you don’t take!

I’ve been fascinated with people lately and the story behind who they are and how they became that way. Everyone is so different and there are truly no two of the same people, duh!

What I specifically find interesting is why people talk crap about another person’s flaws behind their back. The reason why this bothers me is two fold.

  1. First and foremost, can’t we talk about something better than discussing someone else’s mishaps and flaws? I can probably think of twenty different things so just stop. It doesn’t feel good and I hate the thought of people talking shit about me behind my back so why would I want to do it to someone else.
  2. The truest thing in the world is people cannot choose the person they are born to be. Some of us get lucky and are born the gifted athlete making millions who enjoys donating money and volunteering in their free-time. Others draw the short end of the stick and are born with no ambition and are setup to go down the path of drug addiction. Or some are born with a twisted pedophile’s mind.

Now, I’m not condoning anyone but the body and brain we’re born into is the person who we become and we don’t really have a choice. I mean, people can make decisions but at the end of the day, you are who you are. I bet you a million dollars a drug addict or pedophile would give it all up to have the talent of Tom Brady, J.J Watt or Tiger Woods.

Now, Tiger Woods is a prime example of being born with athletic talent and addiction issues. You can get both ends of the bargain, I guess.

So, in closing, he next time you’re with a group and you’re talking negatively about someone else try to stop the group and change the conversation to something positive. Remember people can’t chose who they are.

How about don’t talk about anybody. Do anything other then gossip. I guarantee the conversation will be more fun and will make you feel better. It has to be good for your brain. There’s no way it isn’t!

I hope you enjoyed this article. What are your thoughts on gossip? Do you do it? Did you realize how stupid it is? Do you regret it? Do you think people have full control of who they are?

Brain Talk: Feeling down about your brain injury

The other day I spoke with a fellow brain injury survivor who was feeling troubled. We all struggle at times and I’m happy this brain injury survivor came to me about what was on her mind because it’s important to let others around you know when you are struggling.

She said:

I don’t want to have a pity party but I’m having a moment where I’m so frustrated/hate my head injury because I feel like everyone is moving on with their lives/ I feel so behind and I feel very left out of regular things people my age do.

I told her I’m sorry you feel frustrated with your head injury and I understand where you are coming from. My advice is that you can only focus on your time frame and not what others are doing around you. Life is like a long story (hopefully) and every moment isn’t going to be spectacular. I think it’s important to appreciate what you do have!

I asked her to try an exercise for me. Think of 5 people in your life you are grateful for. Could be your mom, a friend, teacher, artist, whoever.

I told her to do this exercise because it’s an easy way to shine a bright light when you are feeling gray.

It’s easy for many brain injury survivors to feel left out because they’re often left a different person after their injury. Some now have physical, mental or speech challenges which restrict them from doing “normal” things they used to do prior to their injury.

We all expect life to be this big beautiful amazing thing, but we forget that it’s filled with many minor and insignificant moments. Sure, when you look at the span of your entire life from afar and admire your moments of adversity and triumph, life can seem pretty great. You may feel proud of the things you overcame. However, when you get sucked into the minor insignificant moments that at the end of the day, don’t matter and are not a part of your story it can throw you off.

Don’t let this happen. Think of the big picture and look at your life as a story of peaks and valleys. Admire yourself for the challenges you overcame and for the challenges you will conquer in the future!

I once asked my mom; do you think there’s supposed to be more to life?

She paused with a smirk on her face and said you know what your grandpa said? You work, spend time with family and friends and that’s it.

It’s a very simple perspective my Grandpa had, but I think what makes his statement most true is that he loved his family, friends and he loved to work.

Do what you love!

Become the Mr. Miyagi of your anxiety

Wake up with your intentions-

 Stress fills our bodies not only during moments of adversity but also during moments of thought. Sometimes stress and worry is the first thing we allow ourselves to think the moment we wake up out of bed.

It’s sad it goes this way, but we often allow stress and anxiety to take control making us feel as if there’s no escape asking ourselves when is it going to end? I was feeling like this a few days ago and I don’t know where it came from or why I was feeling different?All signs were pointing to it’s a great day. I mean it was sunny, beautiful and warm outside but for some reason in my mind it was cloudy, concerned and tired.

Furthermore, for any brain injury survivor who has a disability due to their injury you’ll likely agree that your disability increases during moments of stress making it more difficult to function.

For myself, it made the day more challenging and I wasn’t happy these feelings of worry were hanging over me like a dark cloud. However, I was determined to make sure each day following for the rest of my life will be different.

How do I accomplish something so grandiose? Continue reading…….

When I woke up the following day, I felt completely different. Why did I feel different and free of stress?

I woke up with the intention of feeling great!

Rather than giving stress or worry control, I replaced it with positive thoughts and how I wanted to feel or what I wanted to accomplish for the day. It sounds so simple but when you intentionally channel your thoughts for how you want to feel it’ll make a positive change to your attitude and life.

For my fellow brain injury survivors out there, and this also includes people who deal with concussions, migraines, anxiety and other mental health disorders, replace your negative thoughts with positivity. Tell yourself no longer will I allow negative thoughts consume me. Vision how you want to feel, what you want to happen and pursue your goals to succeed. When you have a positive goal in front of you it gives you something to shoot for and helps you forget the negativity!

I wish you all heath and happiness!    


I remember when I was “Wet behind the ears” and out of the hospital after experiencing a brain injury as a teenager. I had an AVM which stands for Arteriovenous Malformation.

I always thought it was a brain aneurysm until I was corrected, but yea, this happened to me!

 An AVM is a tangle of abnormal and poorly formed blood vessels (arteries and veins). They have a higher rate of bleeding than normal vessels. … Brain AVMs are of special concern because of the damage they cause when they bleed. – Wikipedia

I eventually upgraded to a walker which didn’t help for trying to pickup girls like the cane did (Continue reading). I looked like an old (young) man pushing a walker and it was difficult to hold onto the handle with my left hand since I had left side paralysis from my brain injury. During this time, it was difficult to embrace my brain injury because I was still forming an identity. I wasn’t the same person before my brain injury and it took time to find my wheels and feel comfortable. I believe many brain injury survivors go through this and it differs depending on the severity of their injury.

After being released from the hospital I was first in a wheel chair. I remember going out with the family to rehab/therapy, malls and other places, but I can’t recount too much on the experience since I was still waking up and coming to after being in the hospital for so long including a coma.

I’m one of the lucky ones who was only left with left side paralysis and double vision. I work out often to stay strong and most people now-a-days can’t even tell that I’m any different.

TRANSITION TO- The days of the cane or pimp cane as I called it- 

Now, let me add I do not endorse pimps but as a 15-year-old with a sense of humor I used the pimp cane to shed a sense of humor out of the situation. Moreover, since my left hand was so weak my family and I often called it the crip hand, and I would say “I need to keep the crip hand strong!”

This was during the time ‘Scary Movie’ came out starring Anna Faris which included a creepy house keeper who had a shriveled weak hand and would say “Hello child, let me give you a little pinch” using his weak hand to pinch the cheek of another. I often did this to friends, family and even waitresses to be funny and people would belly out laughs! I even used the same crackling voice of the character from the movie.

This was certainly an example of embracing my brain injury!

After moving on from the pimp cane I was flying free on my own with a pronounced hitch in my getty up. Alright, it was a limp but keeping true to embracing my brain injury I called it the pimp walk. I think anyone who has a limp can say it comes with the challenge of not feeling like everyone is looking at you while you’re walking. It’s as if you’re the only person in the room and all eyes are on you when you have a limp, but I don’t think that’s the true case.

With my unique gate I was able to have some swanky dance moves which I used to my advantage. Something, that was nice about doing a dance like the lawnmower was my limp lent a swagger in my step and impromptu dancing became an escape from walking in front of others. Plus, it was fun!

Advice for other brain injury survivors or anyone who has a disability: dance when you can! It’ll bring a smile to your face and others around you. Even if you’re in a wheel chair, try to have fun. Do the wave or worm with your arms. It doesn’t need to be perfect. People love seeing others smiling and having fun and that’ll bring them happiness. Remember that the end-all-be-all of life is happiness!

Confidence- whether you have a disability or not people gravitate towards confidence. If you can be confident enough to own your disability and make a joke out of it, others will respect you and may even feel more comfortable. Now, this doesn’t have to be for everyone but as long as you have fun and act confident, you’re golden!

I hope you found value in this. Please like and share among friends and family!