Is alcohol bad for you, what is a functional alcoholic and is burnout at work a reason to booze?

People consume alcohol differently, some drink casually while out socially and others drink once or twice a week at home as a way to relax after a hard day of work and, some people are alcoholics drinking all day everyday and there some who consider themselves to be“functional alcoholics.” 

This is a question people have been asking themselves since the beginning of boozing and I think there may very-well be an answer, and that is it depends on your lifestyle and how it relates to alcohol use. 

So what is a functional alcoholic?

“A functional alcoholic is a person who is dependent upon alcohol but can still function in society. The term “currently-functioning” may be used since it’s not likely they will remain functional (and not misuse alcohol) indefinitely. Drinking rarely causes them to miss work and other obligations (although it does happen occasionally). They are usually able to manage areas of life including jobs, homes, and families.”

“Currently functioning” may be another way to say burnout which is becoming a popular word used in work culture but if people are feeling burnout, is alcohol the best way to simmer down and take the edge off?

Alcohol can relieve stress when consumed in limited amounts, for certain people in specific situations. In virtually all other cases, it makes stress worse, according to Bob Barnett.

Barnett added. 

“Here’s what’s really happening: Alcohol reliably reduces the body’s physiological stress response. But you may need to get drunk to get that benefit every time, so it’s… uh, not a good de-stressing strategy for the long run. Plus, alcohol isn’t metabolized like other foods and drinks. The amount of energy it takes to metabolize large doses of alcohol causes more stress to the body, even if you feel relaxed.”


“However, moderate doses of alcohol can also reduce stress… under the right circumstances… for some people. That last bit is important, because for other people it can cause stress, easing it momentarily even as it’s increasing chronic stress levels.”

Now, is alcohol bad for us? 

It is important to mention that if you had a brain injury and are prone to seizures, alcohol is not a good choice and you should consult with a doctor before ever consuming it but If you are able to drink moderately and responsibly I don’t think drinking should be a problem. The same can be said for most things in life like eating fried foods or sweet treats. For example in the past 4 days I ate 2 donuts and 3 pieces of cake due to social events and birthday parties but that happens sometimes in life and this will not be a regular occurrence. 

If I were laying in a hospital bed, I would not have any regrets about eating donuts or cake. Trust me, I’ve laid in a hospital bed and I have had this exact thought.

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