One Theory To Fix Fatigue

Neuro Fatigue-

Neuro fatigue is a challenge for brain injury survivors who have sustained damage to their brain.

I often joke with a friend or family member if I make a mistake and tell them forgive me, I have brain damage. This is typically followed by a haha but Brain damage or not fatigue can be a contributing factor to a brain injury survivor’s wellbeing and happiness.

Since I am on a mission helping brain injury survivors improve their mental health I have a theory about fatigue I am testing out and if you feel up to it, I’d like you to try it with me. 

The human brain is an incredible thing and the fact we have the ability to think thoughts about thoughts, not only makes our brains sophisticated but it can lead to feelings of anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. Even more so if you have damage to certain areas of your brain which can make it seem harder to do many of the common functions or tasks people often take for granted. I mean, Just typing this is wearing me out. 

The theory I am testing may fall under the umbrella of common sense but it is something I believe has the ability to decrease your level of fatigue and even make you happier, at least a scoach happier.

Change your resting mindset behavior. 

What is resting mindset behavior?

Resting mindset behavior is a working name for it but it is the natural state of your brain you keep your thoughts in while it is in idle. When your brain is in idle are you usually wired to think about failures, to do lists, negative thoughts or is it wired to think about the positive aspects of you, your life and what you have going for it?

What I am testing and trying to do is keep my brain’s idle state to be positive and think about the things I have going for me rather than the opposite. I understand how difficult this will be but if I can make this habit change with my brain I will become better, faster and more fulfilled because optimism and happiness attracts the same. I do believe in the law of attraction, not in the crazy sense that if I close my eyes and imagine a fresh baked cookie appearing in front of me it will happen but, more in the sense that like energy attracts like energy. The thoughts and energy you keep in your head will attract more off the same.

Comment on this story If you’d like to test this out this theory with me!

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