For Brain Injury Survivors with Financial Woes

One thing I know is a challenge for some brain injury survivors is money. For some survivors following their brain injury they lose capabilities the average person typically has. Capabilities such as two useful limbs, mobility and the ability to walk or even drive. Your general labor job might be out of the cards for a brain injury survivor so what are their choices? 

How can they earn a living? 

I know some are eligible to collect disability and those who were in a car accident may have received money from the insurance company but that can vary depending on the situation, I’m sure. 

What about those who had a severe AVM rupture of aneurysm? 

I feel like there should be resources available for brain injury survivors to be able to make a living. I have no idea what that is or if it already exists but thought I should put it out into the universe for those who need it. 

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