Visiting a Cemetery Will Give You Perspective

Visiting the cemetery can wake you up and be a reminder that you have a life to live and you should appreciate everyday-

Every now and then I like to hop in my car and drive to the nearest cemetery.  As odd as this may seem I find visiting cemeteries to be very calming,  meditative and a reminder for myself that I am going to one day die.  When I look at all of the tombstones spanning throughout the graveyard with different years etched or plaqued on the stone and marble with names like Susan, Dan, Judy and Josh, I am reminded that one day I will have a tombstone with my name on it and I will be buried like everyone here. 

I don’t visit cemetaries to make myself sad. I do it to remind myself that I have a limited window of time in life so why spend it living unhappy or stressed out about insignificant things. Going to the cemetery is without a doubt one of the best things you can do to give yourself a boost of energy by reminding yourself you are alive. 

For many brain injury survivors fatigue can make you want to lay down in a dark room and feel sad watching TV or listening to music but, if you go to the cemetery you may remind yourself that you are going to die so appreciate the moment in front of you and breathe in the fresh air and feel the sun on your skin.  

One time while I was at the cemetery and staring at one of the marble tombstones I decided to Google search the name etched on it. After searching online I eventually came across this person’s obituary. He was a  37 year old man with a wife and two little girls. He died after a long battle with Cancer. 

I use this memory and this man’s story as a reminder that no matter what is happening in your life, it probably won’t be as bad as being terminal cancer. 

This truly puts life into perspective and makes you appreciate the small things. Visiting the cemetery can eliminate your fatigue and remind you that you have a life to live and that you should appreciate everyday. 

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