4 Extraordinary Ways to See Beauty in Your World

Do you ever wake up feeling less energized, down and in the dumps?

And you’re not sure why you feel this way or why you woke up like this but you would really like to turn it around and feel happy, healthy, vibrant and energetic. However there is a dark cloud casting shade over your day and you just roll with it because this has become normal to you.  

Well, I’m going to say you should not accept this!

So how do you escape these dark clouds and move into feeling good, happy and healthy? 

When you are having one of those bad days you have a few choices.  You can attempt to turn the day around to make it better and optimistic. Or you can continue sinking into a deep, sad, dark hole and allow it to continue with no control over how you feel.  

I think the ladder is typically what people do when they are having a bad day but there are a few things you can do to turn a bad day into a good one. Trust me, I know this sounds like some hippy stuff but if you truly look for good things in the world you will find them and they may be things you see everyday, you just didn’t recognize them at first. 

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

 Here are 4 extraordinary and easy ways to see beauty in the world!

Tell yourself you are looking for the good things-  if you are consciously keeping your eyes and ears attentive towards noticing the good things that are happening to you, you’ll notice them.  For example, when I do this and see people that I see everyday I will start to appreciate certain things about them like a smile or friendly greeting  that I never consciously appreciated before. 

Humans working together– This may sound crazy but I will never forget when I took a short break from my computer one day at work and walked over towards the big glass window and looked outside at the traffic on the highway with cars flying down the highway going 70 to 80 miles per an hour on the highway all in sync.  I truly thought it was amazing that all these people flying down the freeway in these 1,000 pound plus machines made of metal could together without pure chaos. It was an example of humans working together to make driving work and that’s amazing!

Family and friends – Every now and if I’m feeling a little bit sad or down I’ll think of my family and my friends who have always been there for me and will always be there. When I do this I’ll remind myself of how fortunate I am to have them in my life and how less satisfying life would be if I didn’t have them. This always works for me without a doubt and thinking about the people closest to you will allow you to recognize the beauty in the world. 

Remembering the hardest of times– If I am going through a challenge or difficult moment, I sometimes need to remind myself of the hardest moments in my life. For me that would be going through an acquired brain injury (AVM) which came so close to killing me it’s beyond ridiculous that I made it out alive. Just by reminding myself that I survived something that so many end up dying from, I know that whatever challenge I’m facing at the moment,  is small compared to what I have already overcome.  

Remembering the hardest of times makes me feel like I can accomplish and overcome so many things. So this mind trick is one I certainly recommend you try when you’re going through a challenge in life whether it be small or large. 

Those are my 4 extraordinary tips for seeing beauty in the world everyday. Try applying one of these the next time you are feeling down or in need of a pick me up!

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