Your Life if you Never Had A Brain Injury, Stroke or Bleed

Every so often I imagine there is an alternate reality, timeline or world where a second version of me is living out my life without the brain injury. Would my life have been better or would I be worse off? 

Would I have become a criminal or drug addict? I highly doubt it but you never know. Would I be living out in the Uk, Japan or africa? 

When I do this mind twist exercise, it really makes me think about how powerful your perspective is in life. Your perspective can literally alter your current state of reality as being good or something bad. 

For example, it is currently raining outside and I could’ve thought of that as sucking. Especially since it’s raining on one of my days off but the rain this morning is what inspired me to sit down and write. I saw the rain outside and thought wow, this is some great weather to hunker down to and write a little something.    

Furthermore, when I think about the alternate dystopian reality that could be my life, I could have ended up being killed by something else in an alternate reality. And what really numbs my mind is to think, what if I died from my brain injury and there is an alternate world without me living in it? 

I chuckled for a moment after writing this but it’s true, I could have easily died from my acquired brain injury (AVM). There are many who have died before me and after me from an AVM or stroke, but I was lucky enough to live. When I do this exercise and think if my family, friends and the world would be better off without me in it, I don’t think they would, nor would they want to.

So, I’m curious what your perspective is on this? If there were an alternate reality living out your life without the brain injury, would you be better off or worse?

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    1. I had a cerebral AVM rupture “while I slept” during the early morning hours of October 11th of 1995, followed by a hemorrhagic stroke while I was waiting for surgery in the ICU on October 15th 1995.
      I was only 15 years old and a Sophomore in high school. For all of these years I have asked myself the same question: If I never had a stroke, what would my life be like now??? I have to believe that the way things went was for the best.
      I 100% miss how it feels to walk normally, I miss how high I used to be able to jump, I miss how fast I used to run.
      Would I have gotten a basketball scholarship and played college ball like I wanted to? I would like to think that is what would have happened and I would somehow be better off. I suppose it comes down to what you consider better?
      The stroke taught me to be patient and kind with myself and other people, the old or “alternate universe me” is probably an impatient dick. Yeah he probably won an NCAA championship for MSU, but he probably doesn’t value people as much and probably hasn’t made any really deep connections with people either.
      Part of me still mourns the loss of my former self, while the other part is a married 42 year old man with a gorgeous family and a successful career. Yeah what if it all never happened, or what if I had just died like a VAST MAJORITY of people used to especially back in the 90s and before when medical technology wasnt as good.

  1. Great story.

    Creating a recovery from brain injury recovery page was important to me.

    This page has shown me many things.

    Recovery is most important.

    Nothing in life is guaranteed, with or with brain boo boo.

    Where we go next is what makes us recover properly. Roll on.

  2. Just found your website and your words describes so many thoughts I’ve felt and still feeling. Had a stroke at 27 11 years ago and although there are daily challenges, I appreciate life so much more. Thank you for your words.

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