4 Ways To Take Control Over Your Brain Injury

You may not think it but I am here to tell you that you can take control over your brain injury and how it makes you feel. In this blog you’ll find 5 steps that will help you level up and take control over your brain injury and your life!

After someone goes through the dark tunnel of experiencing a brain injury, almost every person who makes it out alive is now a different person with a different life. You’re almost never the same as you were before your brain injury and now you’re trying to pick up the pieces without having a slight clue what to do. Likely, you now have physical restrictions or mental restrictions and your personality has changed. Perhaps you’re bitter about what happened and your perspective on life is that you’re a victim being tortured by a higher being who is pulling the strings and messing with you like you’re a helpless puppet. 

It sucks to have these feelings of resentment towards the world and I’ve certainly had mine. I remember stomping on the carpet of my room in frustration with tears rolling down my eyes asking why the hell did this happen to me and what did I do to deserve it? 

I’ve dealt with these stressful swings of emotion a number of times and I realized at some point that a normal life may never be in the cards. Well, I’m here to tell you “normal” is overrated and your brain injury can make you a stronger and better person. 

How do you do this?

It is about changing your mindset and altering your habits to make you a high performing brain injury survivor. I bet you never thought you’d see those words together, high performing and brain injury survivor. 

Well, I’m here to tell you, you can be a high performing brain injury survivor! 

You can take control over you brain injury and how it makes you feel by practicing the items I’ve listed below. I apply all these things to my life and it has made me happier, stronger and productive!

Here they are!


Focus on the present moment and stop dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Once I started practicing mindfulness through meditation I realized I have the ability to control my thoughts and how I feel. Here’s a good article about how to start meditating 

Exercise routine

At some point I started working out in the mornings 4 times a week. Exercise has become such a consistent effort that working out is a habit and I don’t even need to talk myself into doing it because I just get it done. A benefit of working out for me is that it makes me feel confident and happier. Not to mention it strengthens my left side which was affected by my brain injury. Exercise also improves my balance and energy! 

Sleep and Rest

As a brain injury survivor I realized at some point I require high quality sleep and rest. So, to make sure I’m getting enough rest I might turn down doing something with friends or family in order to relax my body and lay on the couch like a fat potato. For sleep, I typically go to bed around the same time each night in a cold environment. If I feel like I haven’t been sleeping great I’ll take melatonin. I take magnesium every night.

Practicing gratitude

If I am ever feeling down or need to boost my spirit I practice gratitude. How I do this is I think of all the things I am grateful for in my life. A few examples for me are thinking about how lucky I am to have my amazing parents and my brother who would do anything for me and vice versa. Or I’ll think of my close friends like Jordan, Paul, Matt or Kenny who have my back no matter what.  

I may also remind myself of what I went through with my brain injury and how insignificant the thing is that is stressing me out at the present moment. 

I know if you apply these 4 things it will improve your life as a brain injury survivor so you can control your brain injury and not the other way around!     

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