Live Like You’re Anthony Bourdain

Right here I’m going to write for me. No one else, just me. I don’t think I’m exhausted. I may be telling myself I’m exhausted out of habit. I’m using it as a means to escape something I don’t enjoy. 

Speaking of……I enjoyed college and the freedom of doing what you want when you want while still having all your hopes in dreams in front of you. It was like Columbus setting sail everyday, except for the bad things Columbus did. 

Sure, exams and studying were no fun but the social aspect with continuos parties felt like we weren’t living in reality. 

When I was off at college it was like the rest of the world didn’t exist. 

It was often like a scene out of an entertaining movie. 

In college, we lived like human labradoodles, always being social. I mean, people were always around and getting together and meeting up for anything you can think of. There were many who spent their time face down in books studying while others either partied too much and dropped out and their were many who kept a solid balance of studying and social interaction.  

That was me. 

What I am starting to realize is, we can live the kind of lives we want as an adult and don’t have to do what “everyone” else is doing or expects us to do. It’s our lives to live and we only have one of them so make of it what you chose. I so often forget this while trying to fight the rat race and fit the mold as a successful person but success is defined by living the life you chose to live. 

I want to be able to make memories and live a comfortable life and by the end of it all be able to say wow, that was great, what a ride! I want that feeling to wash over me while laying on my deathbed. 

This may sound odd but I’ve often thought about putting a timetable on my life and living with the perspective that I’m going to die at age 60 or 70. By doing this I would be distinctly aware of the ticking clock and will take more of an advantage of my life, like Anthony Bourdain overeating and drinking during every city he was visiting. 

Did we like Anthony Bourdain because he had lots of fame, money and success?

No, we loved all the amazing places he traveled and the people he met and the mouth watering food and drinks he indulged in. 

I’ll leave you with this. Are you experiencing things in your life that will make you feel like you took advantage of the time you had here?


  1. I really love the way that you write, and I e enjoyed reading your blogs. I loved Anthony Bourdain, and I was very saddened at his passing. The beginning of my life was filled with much more Bourdain-like adventures … youth lending towards a reckless abandon that allowed me to travel, wrote and publish books, pursue my dreams of acting and modeling and the like.

    Now that I’m setting into my older years, and having suffered a traumatic brain injury, I’m hesitant to do some of those things, but I’m starting to think I should rethink my hesitation. Your article is fueling the fire that has already been simmering in my brain for months. Why be anxious? We only have one life to live. Why not live it to its fullest?

    Thank you for this great piece.

    Continue to share your thoughts without abandon. I enjoy it immensely, friend.

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