Shut Up and Listen! Hard Business Truths That Will Help You Succeed

The quiet person in the room is more powerful than the loudest- 

Have you ever been in a meeting at work or in a group with friends or family where only a few of the same people are doing the majority of the talking or everyone is talking over each other?

There can be moments in these conversations where it seems nearly impossible to get a word in and many think that the person who is talking most holds the most power. 

This is simply not true!

I learned this during some of my most formidable years when I was living in Denver and working with a few, let’s call them thought leaders who changed my perspective when it came to human interaction. 

Now, I’ve always been someone who likes to get to the core of a person to learn what makes them tick and what inspires them. I think I acquired this skill during my time as a journalist and from always being an avid writer. 

I love to ask good questions that make people think or reconsider their perspectives. I’ve been told many times during conversations, that’s a great question, to which I always have an eye roll in the back of my mind because I hear that all the time. 

The reason I always ask good questions is because I SHUT UP and listen to what people are saying and form questions out of it.

The most quiet person in the room often holds all the cards 

While everyone is sticking out their chests and fitting in their words for sake of their own egos, it’s the quiet person who is LISTENING and ANALYZING to everything everyone is saying so that when it’s their turn to talk they can give a well informed statement on the matter. 

Most importantly, when you are the most quiet person in the room others may be wondering what you are thinking and why you aren’t talking, and they’ll ask what your thoughts are.

There have been multiple occasions towards the end of a meeting or group conversation someone has asked me, Trevor, you’ve been quiet, what are your thoughts? 

This is where I am able to put all the listening I’ve been doing to work. By simply shutting up and listening to everyones thoughts and feelings on a matter I am able to apply a well-informed response that serves an interest to every person in the room. When I do this I feel more confident because I’ve already heard everyone’s opinion and had time to consider it. Plus, no one is trying to talk over me because they’ve all exhausted everything they have to say.

Try doing this in your next meeting or group conversation and I promise you’ll feel more confident.    

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