What it Was Like Having Covid-19

I still don’t feel like I’m at 100% energy because of the coronavirus but I don’t mind having a reason to be lazy. When you have a disability sitting on your butt can be one of the most peaceful things to do. For some reason, I think we all feel like we need to be busy all the time doing things to satisfy our ego but isn’t doing nothing the goal? 

I mean, doing nothing and having a clear mind is basically the entire message of meditation and being zen.

So don’t mind me if I embraced my inner Budha  while quarantined at home. 

What is having covid-19 like?

My experience having covid wasn’t torturous. 

Luckily for me, I only had a slight cough the first few days that eventually went away. What was most difficult was the fatigue and headaches. It’s been ten days since I got sick and I’m still feeling tired. 

Having a headache wasn’t too bad and really is just another day for me. I think most brain bleed or brain injury survivors would understand what I’m talking about. 

Since I’ve been in quarantine I’ve been watching many  movies and TV shows on Netflix. Maybe I should do a story about the best things I watched on Netflix? I feel like I found a few hidden gems. 

Where did I contract covid-19?

A part of me wonders where I contracted the coronavirus but it had to have been from work. I heard a few other people in the office also got the virus the same time I did so there you go. 

I can’t say I’ve learned any lessons from having covid except for the importance of having a peaceful mindset and if your body needs rest, rest. Embrace your inner Budha!

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