At the end of it all, nothing really matters!

If I told everyone I have a secret that would change their lives and make them better everyday, everyone would be kicking and screaming to know what the secret is. But if I didn’t tell anyone I had a secret, no one would give a shit because no one would know. I guess, it’s like we’re all destine to what we allow our life to be. If we want to be sad we’ll do sad shit. If we want to be happy we’ll smile more and do things that bring us happiness. 

This is all well and good in the moments we feel these things but at the end of the day nothing really matters. Nothing matters because even on our best or worse days we could still end up getting hit by a car and dying or could have a sudden stroke while walking or even sleeping at night. Nothing really matters because the house could catch fire in the middle of the night incinerating your entire life. 

So, if nothing really matters and we’re all going to die one day, why do we give a shit so much? Is it to impress others? Is it because it’s what we think we are supposed to do? 

If nothing matters because we’re all going to die one day why do we spend most of our lives working a job we hate and wasting the limited amount of time we have?

It’s because we do what we are told or what is expected of us. 

However, if we’re all going to die anyway why do we even give a shit what others think about us? Why don’t we at least try and live the life we want? 

I know why and it’s money but let’s remove money from the picture and put ourselves into a shit storm of a situation. A shit storm like a heart attack or cancer. If you were having a heart attack right now would you be thinking about the amount of money you did or didn’t make?


Or would you think about the people you love most or the things you did or didn’t try?

Or would you think about the little things you allow to stress you out?

And in a second you’d shrink those little things down to nothing because in the end nothing really matters when you’re going to die. 

As scary as death is, we should all use death as a daily tool to inspire us how to live each day.

Ask yourself, if I was going to die would I want to be doing what I’m doing today? 

Now, many people think if you know when you’re going to die you should ball out and go skydiving and have as much sex as possible while shooting up heroine. While that’s an option if you’re an insane person with more issues than Ted Bundy there are other options. For example, some people may choose to do nothing and for once in their life, just relax. Maybe sit outside and feel the breeze blowing on their skin and some people may want to sit inside and relax while watching Netflix. Whatever it is it’s up to you. We all spend the majority of our lives doing shit we don’t want to do but there is another option but we’re all too scared to try that option out. 

We’re scared to try pursuing our passions because we fear failure but if we’re all going to die it doesn’t really matter. 

At the end of it all, nothing really matters! 


  1. Knowing that nothing really matters kinda just makes me want to give up, actually. Why do anything ever?

  2. Really good, truthful and realistic passage. Too many people don’t attempt things for fear of failure or because of what other people may think.👍

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