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Do Insurance Companies Care About You?

I had an MRI scheduled by my doctor but my insurance company didn’t approve it, so the appointment had to be cancelled- 

I’ve been feeling a bit off lately. I  always felt a bit off since I don’t have full feeling of my left side, I have double vision and I have two shunts in my brain. But recently my shunt in the right side of my head has been feeling off. Like, I can notice it more than usual and it’s causing discomfort. 

If you don’t know what a shunt is, it’s a pump with a tube that drains residual blood from my head down to my stomach. It’s kind of gross but also cool at the same time. 

What isn’t cool is when the shunts feel different because it makes me worry that something could be wrong with my brain like I’m having another bleed. 

When this happens it directly affects my mental health and makes me feel concerned for my well being. I don’t want to die yet because I still have a lot I want to do and accomplish but if I were going to die,  I’d want it to be quick, like dust blown away in the wind. 

I don’t want to fight the uphill battle of another brain injury. That’s like torture!

The discomfort of my shunt recently has been disrupting my mental health making it more difficult to work, relax, sleep and simply exist. But the insurance company doesn’t care about my mental health. For them it’s all about the bottom line.

Since this is all being documented by my doctor, the place where I was going to get a scan of my brain at and what I’m writing here. The insurance company would be held culpable if I were to have another bleed.  

In that case, the insurance company would be in trouble and have blood on their hands. 

I understand this isn’t an inspirational story but it has been challenging to deal with mentally. It’s been causing harm to my mental health and pisses me off!  

What challenges have you had with your insurance company? 

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