Tell your brain to shut up and live in the present

I feel really good right now. Like a sun soaked sailor with wrinkles on his face who was lost at sea but finally found land and an opportunity to shower and eat a good meal . I’ve just come to the realization that if ALL THAT MATTERS in LIFE is the PRESENT MOMENT and we ARE DOING WHAT WE want than nothing else matters. Not the past, not the future, only what is in our current viewpoint and what story is playing in our minds. 

Nothing else matters if all is okay in the present. 

Have you ever seen any of those movies where the lead character is stuck in a time loop and they either go to sleep or die and always wake up on the same day? They always wake up in the same place with a unique indicator that it’s the same day because of a specific alarm or sound from another human? 

Movies like this are GroundHog Day, Happy Death Day and Palm Springs and all of them have this plot. I recently watched Palm Springs, starring Andy Samburg and Cristin Milioti which made me realize the incredible value of living in the present. 

Each day we all live by the movie we play in our heads and we  have a decision about our attitudes towards life and the moment whether we realize it or not. The challenge for us as humans is that we have the ability to think multiple thoughts at once and rather than focusing on the present we drift in thought about planning for the future or regrets about our pasts. Having this ability diminishes the value of living in and appreciating the present moment. 

So what can you do about it?

Well, I can’t tell you what to do but this is what I am going to try and do today and hopefully there is a ripple effect. Let’s put myself to the test and see if I can overpower my human brain to live ONLY in the present and appreciate ONLY the present. 

Presently, I am craving a bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich but my human brain is saying Trevor, you’ve eaten out enough this week and went grocery shopping yesterday. Make something at home!

Let’s see, SHUT UP human brain because if I were to die and tomorrow was the same day would I let this stop me PRESENTLY from buying and eating a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich? 


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