14-year-old dancer is fighting for HER life after aneurysm rupture

A 14 year old girl is in a drug induced coma after collapsing from a brain aneurysm- 

I came across this story about Vianney Narvaez who is a teenage dancer that was rushed to the hospital a few weeks ago and is now in a drug induced coma. 

This was me 20 years ago…

The brain bleed  

Rushed to the hospital

The drug induced coma

The uncertainty…

According to the story caring moms and the directors of the Cypress Dance Project created raffles, auctions, and other fundraisers to help the Narvaez family with medical expenses.

This is very nice and I want to do my part. 

Since, I’ve experienced what Vianney and her family are going through I reached out to the Cypress Dance Project to get in touch with the Narvaez family to support them and show that Vianney can beat this. 

 I also want to offer them any resources and knowledge my family and I have picked up along my brain bleed survival journey. 

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