When I listen to the song Yesterday by The Beatles I picture yesterday as my life before my brain injury. Life seemed so much easier but I was only 14 before my life was hit with a title wave sending me into depths I never thought I’d experience. I never thought I would have to battle for my life. I was only a kid, doing kid things like playing with friends, playing sports, and going to school. My entire life was ahead of me and when the brain injury happened, my purpose became survival.  

There were many times my parents weren’t sure I would make it but I did. I have my moments where I forget I could’ve ended up buried in the ground as a picture of a kid on a tombstone and gone too soon. But I survived. 

It can be easy to stress over the challenges a brain injury survivor experiences every day but it’s not as bad as death or what I experienced during the dramatic fight for survival during my initial brain injury. 

I survived and it’s important to be thankful every day! 

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