This mindset hack can drastically change your perspective on life!

Hello and welcome! 

My name is Trevor and I’m a brain injury survivor going on 20 years!

I may not be an expert or doctor but when it comes to knowing the challenges a brain injury survivor faces every day, I know them well because I live with them every day! 

It’s a battle being a brain injury survivor but it’s a battle we don’t have to fight alone! 

Mind habits

Okay, so what is the mindset hack that will improve your perspective on life?

I heard someone say this online and it stuck with me!

Anytime the inner voice in your head starts saying you suck or you can’t do something kill it. Kill that negative narrative and replace it with positive thoughts. 

For example, start replacing I can’t with I can! 


Replace I suck with I’m amazing! 

Try doing this and notice the positive changes with your perspective!


  1. For that to work, doesn’t your subconscious have to believe it? My subconscious IS NOT stupid, I cannot tell it that my life is worth living, and that i can get & do a job again. It knows that is a load of rubbish. All those positive affirmations will not work if your subconscious won’t believe them. I have tried the “I am not tired” and “I have a great memory”, and guess what, they did not work. i am still tired and i still cannot easily remember what I did yesterday. It may be that for someone who did not have a fantastic life before the brain injury, and therefore their subconscious mind has nothing good to compare with what they have now, it might work,but for someone who had the life they had always dreamed of, AND is not simple, telling yourself some aspect of your life is good, when it patently isn’t is not going to work.


    1. Hi and thank you for the comment. Of course, the subconscious isn’t stupid. It is wired to think certain ways and I believe if you are in a negative mindset your subconscious will make everything come off as negative. But if you try to wire your mind and subconscious with the attitude that the things that happen to you in life are leading you down the right path it can make your day-to-day life better.

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