This mindset hack can drastically change your perspective on life!

Hello and welcome! 

My name is Trevor and I’m a brain injury survivor going on 20 years!

I may not be an expert or doctor but when it comes to knowing the challenges a brain injury survivor faces every day, I know them well because I live with them every day! 

It’s a battle being a brain injury survivor but it’s a battle we don’t have to fight alone! 

Mind habits

Okay, so what is the mindset hack that will improve your perspective on life?

I heard someone say this online and it stuck with me!

Anytime the inner voice in your head starts saying you suck or you can’t do something kill it. Kill that negative narrative and replace it with positive thoughts. 

For example, start replacing I can’t with I can! 


Replace I suck with I’m amazing! 

Try doing this and notice the positive changes with your perspective!

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