If you could go back in time and prevent your brain injury from happening, would you?

About 5 years ago my boss at the time found a picture of my Doppelganger who lived in the UK. The picture was uncanny and I began thinking was my life split into two different frames and this doppelganger was living my alternate life without a brain injury? It’s a crazy thought and would be a great scenario for a thriller movie but if I could go back in time and prevent my brain injury from happening, would I?

Would you? 

I posted this question on a few different brain injury Survivor communities online and was surprised by the overall responses. Many brain injury survivors answered saying they wouldn’t change their brain injury from happening but for myself, this question truly poses a battle of yes or no? When I consider the answer to this question, I find myself wrestling with the answer in my mind, if I had the power would I prevent my brain injury from happening?

What makes this question so difficult for someone like me are the pros and cons to both yes or no. I’m proud of the person who I am today but would I be any different if I  never had a brain injury? Would I be the same person I am today?  I mean,  I have to admit to having the physical capabilities that were taken away from me due to my brain injury would be amazing.  I mean,  being able to play competitive sports again would be a gift, but would I not have the same appreciation for life that I have now since I went through something so traumatic at a young age?

 I ask myself these questions and I’m still not sure what the answer is.  I guess if I did have the power to prevent my brain injury from happening, I  probably would do it, as much as it pains me to admit. This is the first time I ever answered this question and I can’t say I am committing to this answer. However, it really is a question that someone has to take a deep introspective look into their life post brain injury and consider the pros and cons. 

So now I’m wondering, how different would my life be if I never had a brain injury? Would life be easier?  Would I be happier? Would I have the same motivation and drive I have today or is that something I have because I experienced something so traumatic that I had to overcome?  Would I still have that chip on my shoulder that makes me feel like I can do anything?  

I can’t say I would be the same person I am today if I didn’t have my brain injury. I believe I would still be a good person who is caring and driven but I don’t think I would have that X Factor, like the power to inspire or the chip on my shoulder that truly makes me unique.

I guess I’ll need to hunt down my Doppelganger across the pond and ask him so I can find out?

 I’m not sure where you are in your brain injury journey but I hope you have found what makes you happy and hopefully your purpose.  I’m still trying to find mine!


  1. To live pain free again . Yes definitely my son would want to live his life without his brain injury !!

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