Has technology ruined us? Are we too far gone? Was life better back in the day when people didn’t have information for everything ready at their fingertips?

To be honest, technology can be overwhelming and it feels like nowadays anything and everything we want is available to us by the use of the internet. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining even though I sound like a privileged whiner, I do wonder if things were truly better back in the day?

However, there has always been challenging times, whether it’s due to technology or transportation or money or war or health or relationships, life is an overwhelming beast. 

When life gets hard we sometimes wish we could fall asleep and all our troubles vanish like a magic trick but that isn’t possible. My first inclination, when I think about challenges never existing and everything always being perfect is, would we even enjoy the good things in life?  

It’s like if teleportation were available, how awesome would it be to jump into a machine and teleport to Hawaii from Michigan or to Australia from Antarctica? That would be amazing, however, if we could always do that would we even appreciate it? 

Look, I’m no guru or doctor or psychologist but I think if we are mindful of the tough times in life, it will help us appreciate the moments that are good. So I encourage us all to smell our coffee before we drink it and our food before we eat it and be thankful for the simple things we do have.  

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