Get Out My Way With Your Negativity!

If you’re going to be negative, get out my way! 

This comes off someone who was telling me to prepare for the end of the world because it’s going to get worse with the economy due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Oh, by the way, he doesn’t have a financial background but said he’s been watching CNN. 

This guy told me, “Brace yourself for the Great Depression of the modern era throughout next year and beyond” 

He added, “Low to zero revenue will trigger other enterprises to experience low revenues…limited sales staff/resources.”

I replied by saying “Thanks captain negative” and left the conversation.

You want to talk Brain Talk well, being positive is the only way we’ll get through this disaster and if jack holes like this guy try to step me unwarranted, I’ll say bitch, get out my way! 

I understand things are going to get difficult as we get closer to a recession but we’ll overcome it. Just like we overcame every other recession before us. People will come together and this will all be a memory. Plus I think when the shit hits the fan it brings opportunities to get creative and try new things!

So, the next time someone steps you with negativity, just say bitch, get out my way! 

I know this isn’t directly on brand with Brain Talk but I want to remind the brain injury survivors the following!  

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