Did Trump Have A Brain Injury?

DONALD TRUMP – is unpredictable, sporadic and a little crazy and he’s proven it many times. 

I’ve wondered if Trump had a brain injury because many brain injury survivors suffer from anger issues and irregular fits of rage.

Anger doesn’t serve anyone well unless channeled properly but let’s dig a little deeper into Trump’s kindness. 

The Naughty Or Nice Test

If Donald Trump was sitting on Santa Clause’s lap and asked if he was naughty or nice he would answer nice. There’s no doubt about it. However, the majority of people throughout the world would answer naughty for Trump. Now, you could answer the same for Clinton when he was President but here’s the difference. 

Clinton played the part of President in the public eye and acted professional and stoic at times. Something an American leader is expected to be. 

Trump, on the other hand, can be a fire-starter and has the ability to spark controversy like alcohol to a bonfire. He often points fingers rather than admitting ever doing wrong but where he goes completely off-track is how he treats others, which is anything but presidential and more like bullying.

Examples Of Trump’s Name-Calling And Bullying  

Sleepy Joe Biden

Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd

Little Adam Schiff

Crooked Hillary

Little Marco

Little Rocket Man

Low Energy Jeb

Lyin’ Ted


Failing New York Times

Crazy Maxine Waters

It’s not cool to put people down and Trump insults others like there’s nothing wrong with him. Why does he feel the need to insult others when referring to them


If you’re a brain injury survivor and suffer from anger issues and resentment, I suggest talking about it with friends and family first. You can also find a local brain injury support group through your state’s brain injury association. Talking with a neuropsychologist is also a good option.  

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