9 Months Later By Farah Patel

Note to reader: Farah Patel is a brain injury survivor who was introduced to Brain Talk through her story on LinkedIn. She’s an inspiration. Enjoy her guest column below!

Back in August, I wrote this article on LinkedIn about getting back to work almost immediately after having my aneurism.  I realize now, I wasn’t in the right mind.

Nine months later, I stand for everything opposite of that article, and I think its because the reality of what happened took a long time to process, and I am still processing it.  The first six months, it was like a novelty: oh, you have to be on disability, oh you have go to the doctor every week, or your life is now insurance bills, oh you can’t go to work and you have to stay home and recover.  Oh.

After 6 months, I realized I did feel a little stronger in my body, and my mind was coming back.  I didn’t want to work in tech anymore, and while I still had my ambitious attitude, I realized I wanted to slow down and stop working, and focus on getting my body healthy again so I could make a full recovery.

I also realized how superficial everything is, from people to the things we do for work and call it our “livelihood”.  I didn’t need to work in tech and be a top salesperson in Silicon Valley and have a reputation to be someone, or prove something.  None of that mattered anymore. I did a complete 180.

I realized the things that matter really aren’t tangible, as cliche as it sounds.  I am sure throughout the rest of my recovery (and probably my life), my mind will constantly change, and perhaps the novelty of slowing down will wear off, and I’ll become jaded again.  I am open to whatever my brain is thinking and doing right now.  I am letting it give its opinion and listening to it. Often, we try to control our brains and thoughts, but right now I am just letting it experience becoming healthy again.  

Hi Brain!  I have been ignoring you for 39 years, and I am sorry.  I acknowledge you.

I did what my brain told me to do, and I am currently taking time off to live in India, where my brain was telling me to go.  And as I continue to recover, I will let my brain, heart, and body guide me in the right direction.

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