Ask for help: Stubborn about your brain injury

There are moments as a brain injury survivor when life gets tough- Especially for the many who suffer after effects from their brain injury like physical limitations, mental health disorders, anxiety, dizziness, migraines or concussions. And while the word suffer may seem like an exaggeration, for some reason when we are having a tough time, we wait until the very last moment to ask for help. Don’t fault yourself for this or go ahead and fault yourself. The truth is stubbornness is human nature because we want to make everyone around us think our lives are perfect and flawless when in reality we’re all challenged and stuck in some way or another.

Moreover- Our social media accounts aren’t a real portrait of our lives and most of the time only include pictures, videos or stories of our great moments because we want to show off in some way. Like for myself, I didn’t post a picture of me Thursday morning in sweat pants and messy hair driving to the store to buy a plunger to unclog my toilet. Who in their right mind would care to hear about my clogged toilet? But here I am writing about it with hesitation and a smirk as I sip on my morning coffee.

Do you want to know the truth about me? Even when I was walking through the store I was focused on my gate wondering if others were looking at me like “what’s wrong with him?”

We do this in many ways whether it’s our disability, clothes, face, hair, social status or whatever and I get it, we want to appear on top of the world but sometimes being grounded as salt to the Earth is more appealing.

Circling to the point, when you lean into your vulnerability and ask for help, others feel grateful you came to them and are more than likely to lend a helping hand. I can’t tell you how many times my brother and friends tied my shoes for me when I had trouble with fine motor skills following my brain injury. I still have friends who will do it for me automatically without my asking even though I can tie my own shoes now.

I love them for this…….

In closing don’t be stubborn about your disability and brain injury. People want to help and sometimes all you need to do is ask!     

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