Try this exercise when you’re feeling negative

Don’t let people tell you that you can’t accomplish something. Whether you’re a brain injury survivor or not, don’t listen to others who say you can’t accomplish something. Whether your goal is to walk on your own, graduate school and college or start your own business focus on what you want to accomplish and do everything in your power to win. The people who often say you can’t accomplish something are typically people who are too scared to do it themselves or have never tried because they’re afraid of failure.

You know what I say? Screw failure. If you fail, you fail at least you gave it a try and and can live the rest of your life knowing you pursued or are pursuing something worth your effort. If you never even attempted, you’ll grow old with regret. Don’t be one of those people!

I promise if you try hard enough you can reach your goals, and if you don’t succeed at least you tried!

For my brain injury survivors, if you’re ever feeling down and out on luck and negative emotions are consuming you, set a timer for 30 seconds. Within that 30 seconds allow yourself to be negative and strongly consider how it makes you feel. Once that timer is up, you’re done feeling bad for yourself and can move forward with positive thoughts and goals to accomplish.

This is a short and simple exercise that can change your mood and give you the uptick you need to succeed. I hope you try it. If you do let me know. I’d love to hear feedback!

We live a world with amazing and incredible people and if you surround yourself with people who inspire you great things will happen. Positivity is an emotion and if you turn that positivity into actual motion, i.e. action, you can make your goals happen. You can accomplish your dreams. It all boils down to you. Do you listen to others and seek their advice, or do you follow what’s deeply rooted in your heart?

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